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Ana Bisbal-López Ana Bisbal-López Oct 29, 2021 2 min read

Brain Canvas: e-Learning courses for personal development

Brain Canvas Founder Wilfredo Torres has years of experience in the marketing and public relations industry.

Digital platform Brain Canvas, a concept that seeks to “promote knowledge for all types of thinking,” is looking to fill a void in matters of structure and innovation in e-Learning, in subjects across-the-board.

Through an investment that approaches $15,000 to develop online courses in marketing and sales, among other programs, the platform is seeking out people interested in learning about personal development by enrolling in short-term courses to earn micro-credentials, continuing education, and online college degrees.

Brain Canvas founder Wilfredo Torres — who has years of experience in the marketing and public relations industry, focusing on designing conventions for professional groups and associations — saw the lack of structure and innovation in e-Learning and decided to start developing a distance education platform.

“Between production aspects and everything that’s the part of project conceptualization we have invested more or less $15,000,” he said.

Torres invested in the digital business based on two specific factors: First, professional groups or companies that offered training courses did not necessarily have a commercial structure or a design of the programs that were visually attractive for students to “fall in love with the idea of ​​studying at a distance;” and second, to offer support to anyone who does not have professional training so they can be updated in educational and professional trends.

“We’re an online platform that is responsible for providing tools for updating knowledge without having to go to a university, invest $20,000 or $30,000 in a master’s degree, so at the end of the road you don’t master the subject,” he said.

So far, the business hasn’t received financial assistance to cover the costs of the operation. Instead, Torres and his four team members have worked on a growth model through which the money generated from sales are reinvested in the business.

Brain Canvas has been in the market for almost nine months and has been recognized for its customer service, through which it has provided online bartending and mixology classes and will soon be offering a professional certification in digital marketing trends.

“We have programs designed by different areas such as marketing, and sales and cocktails, which are some of the courses that we’re working on at the moment and that offer 100% knowledge and practice without having to make investments,” Torres said.

Now as part of a new project, Brain Canvas will be launching in September the first business incubator program that will last approximately a year with an average cost of $350 to $400.

“All the courses have been technically full and obviously, this has given us the opportunity to identify other segments and areas of opportunity and also take toward distance education,” he said.

Meanwhile, Torres advises aspiring entrepreneurs to start a business without overthinking it and “to give it a shot, even if it’s just to try it out.”

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