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Yamilet Aponte-Claudio Yamilet Aponte-Claudio Sep 20, 2021 2 min read

Triple-S supports small-, mid-sized businesses through 14 insurance plans

Triple-S has a full portfolio of plans for Puerto Rico's entrepreneurs.

Insurance company Triple-S has reaffirmed its commitment to Puerto Rico’s small and medium-sized enterprises through its current 14 insurance plan options to meet every client’s need and interest.

These plans, which are also known as “metallic,” can also be divided as one bronze, two silver, six gold and five platinum. They keep their offer of medical coverage, drug coverage, dental, life coverage, as well as transplants and major medical expenses.

“Although we have 14 plans, as I said, one bronze, two silver, six gold and five platinum, most customers buy a product called Platinum 2. It allows you to have a combination of medical coverage, coverage of pharmacy, basic dental coverage, organ transplantation and major medical,” said Renán Gómez-Ortiz, Triple S Comercial sales director.

“The co-payment and co-insurance structure, that is, what the participant or employee pays out at the time of accessing the service is very cost effective. Many employers use this product to make health services accessible to their employees,” he said.

“As for the price structure of the plans for small businesses, it is already defined, that is, it varies according to the age of the participant and ranges from 19 to 65 years old. The participant’s date of birth will determine the cost, which start at $95,” Gómez-Ortiz added.

Triple S believes its effort is based on being able to support the local economy. With the creations of incubators and startups, the company want to be a part of the growing segment because it believes that through its provision of health benefits to Puerto Ricans, it promotes jobs.

And in its most recent support campaign for small and mid-sized businesses, Triple-S is co-sponsoring News is my Business’ “Entrepreneurial Spirit” series.

“In the days of COVID-19, we all know and have heard on the news, that unfortunately, many of the employers hardly had employees to work with. So, we have seen how our services, or our plans, have served as an element to retain and capture talent for these small entrepreneurs. It’s a very efficient way to compete for that talent that is on the street and motivate them to participate in the program,” said Gomez.

As part of their newer services, Triple-S has evolved with the expansion of its telemedicine offer. Through an app, or website, users can access consulting services or make an appointment, check the doctor’s profile, and select times, among other options.

A report of the session will be generated, which can later be shared with the patient’s main doctor. Triple-S also provides medical orders or prescriptions if the patient requests it through the platform.

A year ago, Triple-S launched the “Triple-S en Casa” product that facilitates medical treatment and medications, because the client can order them through the electronic platform, and have their medications delivered to their home, office, or place of preference.

Triple-S also offer free consulting in its Salus clinics, located in Carolina, Hato Rey, Guaynabo, Ponce. Through these clinics, the participant can access treatment from generalists, specialists, and subspecialists under one roof with one electronic medical record for all.

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