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Kiara Visbal Kiara Visbal Nov 8, 2023 2 min read

Hisoka Na: Japanese Tea & Garden set to open with $45K investment

Wilfredo Torres

Hisoka Na:: Japanese Tea & Garden is an open concept garden that will serve various teas while presenting an experience representative of Western culture. Wilfredo Torres invested more than $45,000 in the opening of his new venture at 73 José de Diego St. in Santurce. 

The name of his business is inspired by “Hisoka Na: A Whisper Among the Leaves,” a tale about a young woman who left the tranquility of her native Japan and came to Puerto Rico, where she established a prosperous tea garden. 

“There was a niche in Puerto Rico in the tea industry and its variations, but we identified demand from many people who love tea, herbs and natural medicines. However, when looking on the island for a service that offered this, there were hardly any options, all lacking variety, and the cultural experience,” Torres explained. 

The tea garden will provide a wide variety of teas such as black, oolong, pure chai and jasmine. Hisoka Na will also feature infusions with ingredients like chamomile, dandelion and calendula, which are known for their beneficial properties.

“I have different jobs and different businesses, but I continue to want to grow and diversify. My training is mainly in marketing and communications. By being able to work in these areas, I can find new areas of opportunity, and now I have decided to venture into the food service industry, with this and other future concepts,” Torres said.

Hisoka Na has been in the works for a year and a half, mainly due to entrepreneurial challenges such as the difficulties of accessing capital and the construction labor shortage. With its opening, Hisoka Na: Japanese Tea Garden will create three permanent jobs, with the potential for more as the business grows. 

“Every sip at Hisoka Na is an homage to a woman who built a bridge between cultures, a refuge in the middle of the city, a corner where the flavors of the Caribbean and Asia dance in harmony,” Torres added.

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