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Kiara Visbal Kiara Visbal Nov 8, 2023 2 min read

NL Floral & Event Design marks 15 years of blossoming success

Natalia Liriano

Natalia Liriano, Puerto Rican entrepreneur and designer of flowers and events, has worked 15 years in the industry. Liriano’s self-entitled company is divided into three business lines: corporate events like product launches and conventions; the decoration and floral arrangements for weddings, and the development of flower labs, a networking and team building event. 

“Working on your own has many advantages but also many challenges, but I think the most difficult are the economic risks that may arise and the uncertainty with which we entrepreneurs live,” said the founder of NL Floral & Event Design, Natalia Liriano.

During the pandemic, NL Floral & Event Design redesigned its operations and launched an online flower shop that offered different services and catered to the security guidelines.

“Our growth as a company has been sustained year after year. However, in this type of business, you do not necessarily receive orders daily, your earnings will depend on the events costs, which consider many factors: complexity and number of people, among others,” added Liriano. 

The company has also begun hosting a “Floral Brunch” Workshop, in which they have offered valuable advice on how to buy and select the right flowers for floral arrangements, create a color palette, handle tools and materials, all for the growth of emerging entrepreneurs in the industry.

“I have been an entrepreneur since I was little. 20 years ago, I moved to Puerto Rico and 15 years ago I started my first company. I entered the world of weddings and events 10 years ago, and since then my path has been defined by growth and diversification,” said Liriano.

NL Floral & Event Design has stated they have a promising future ahead as they plan to expand and attract new business.

“To be a successful entrepreneur they must be persevering, organized, and not abandon their dreams. It is not easy, but the satisfaction is great,” said Liriano. 

NL Floral & Event Design
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